Today in the city Bay 30.04.2017
PETA want a vegan-friendly alternative to the place name 'Eggs and Bacon Bay'

Eggs and Bacon Bay? Not on animal rights group, PETA's watch! They're campaigning to change the name of the bay, located near Hobart in Australia, to something a little more vegan-friendly: Apple and...

Peta wants Tasmania’s Eggs and Bacon bay changed to Apple and Cherry bay

Animal rights group says new name would promote local industry, healthy eating and kindness to animalsAnimal rights organisation Peta is campaigning to change the name of Tasmania’s Eggs and Bacon Bay...

Big 12 Reportedly Urged by LGBT Advocacy Groups to Not Select BYU for Expansion

Big 12 expansion has been a notable topic of discussion during the college football offseason, but a coalition of national LGBT advocacy groups reportedly wants the conference to avoid choosing the BY...

10-year-old boy on Kansas City waterslide died of neck injury: police

A 10-year-old boy, the son of a state lawmaker, died of a neck injury while riding the world's tallest water slide in Kansas, police said.

Walmart’s $3 Billion Buy Still Leaves It Way Behind

Walmart's never catching Amazon, okay? The post Walmart's $3 Billion Buy Still Leaves It Way Behind appeared first on WIRED.

Here's How Best Buy Can Benefit From The Growth In Virtual Reality

The Virtual Reality market is expected to witness tremendous growth in the next few years and a Forrester report estimates that the demand for VR headsets will reach 52 million units by 2020. This new...

Bow Wow is retiring from rap and he's only 29

Bow Wow is putting down the mic.  Shad Moss, the rapper who used to go by Lil Bow Wow but dropped the Lil back in 2002, announced on Sunday that he's retiring. Oh, and he's 29. "I just can't see...

Ebay Buyer Snatches $500 Vintage Baseball Glove For $20 Through Buy It Now Mistake

It pays to do research before you post a rare item on eBay through Buy It Now. (BIN). I was a lucky buyer after snatching a $500 glove for $20.

Best Buy Focuses On Shop-In-Shop Sales And Is Making Changes For Growth

The Internet has changed the game in consumer electronics retailing. Best Buy, with its 1415 stores domestically and 216 units internationally, instead of giving up has continually sought ways to stay...

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